Saturday, March 29, 2014

April is already here.

I can't believe we are already into April - the second quarter of the year is here already.   April is classically associated with the buds of spring, and certainly in the northern hemisphere that is what you will be experiencing soon.  Here in Australia, it is a little different, depending on where you live.  In the more arid regions, April also heralds rebirth of vegetation after long baking summers.

So, themes of growth and regeneration - something that humans have done for centuries via myths and seasons.

Maybe this month you can learn a new technique, expand your sewing knowledge, or just make something you like for the new season.

Happy sewing everyone.

Sarah Liz


  1. Yeah! The beginning of the month and whole new set of goals. :)

  2. That's what I like about a new month too, Jessica :)