Sunday, March 23, 2014

Accordion got squeezed out of February and March (sorry)

Hey everyone - February was a not nice month for me, March followed on in the same way.

Troubles at work, research thesis deadline and lots of busyness getting the kids settled back into school for 2014. A lot of sewing achieved for others, particularly my youngest daughter, but no sewing for me.

To celebrate my birthday I treated myself to some navy stretch bengaline to make up some pants. Now I need pattern suggestions. I would like a zip, side front pockets and the capacity to adjust for weight loss.

To clear space I'm giving away some patterns from my stash. Check the blog for more details.

Cheers all - Accordion3

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  1. absolutely no apologies needed - life happens, and then it interferes with the really important things of life - the sewing plans. Not sure what pants pattern would work - but because I have to put on weight (or so I have said for years) I frequently run some elastic through to allow expansion should I ever do that. This solution would probably work in reverse - ie undo the band and insert some elastic when weight loss happens.