Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome to February

Just a few housekeeping matters - always boring, but that's the role I have to take!

We have quite a few new people who have joined the challenge - Blogger has a capacity of 100, so when that limit is reached, we won't be able to take anyone else.

For those of you who are new, please read the rules of the challenge - basically, the garment is to be for you, and must be made in a month.  This is to encourage you to make time to sew for yourself on a regular basis.  It's so easy to forget to sew for yourself - and all it takes is a few minutes a day on a regular basis to make a simple garment.

Please label your post with your name (usually the blogger/google name) and with the name of the pattern you used.  These are the only labels allowed.  You will find that these will be a handy reference if you want to find a pattern that someone else has made in the blog.  It is also a handy way of looking at each person's post if you want to see everything they have made in one place.

Well, a new month and a new sewing challenge - some of us are already well into planning out February challenge garment.  It's always nice to start something new...

For those of you who have not finished your January garment, just complete it and post it when it is finished. Sometimes things take longer than you expect. 

For those of you that like themes, check the page in the top bar of the blog.  

Good luck for February everyone...

Sarah Liz


  1. Good luck to you too and Happy February!

  2. Thank you Sarahliz.. Hope your helping your husband get the practice moved, is going well. And soon, you will have it all done.. Have been thinking about you..