Monday, February 24, 2014

March theme.

I should think those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are looking forward to the start of Spring and planning your spring sewing.  Of course, those of us down under will have to think about our Autumn sewing.

In roman times, March was the beginning of the year, and March is named after the Roman god Mars - the god of spring, agriculture and growth - and later became the protector of these as the God of War (Romans were big on war).

So as sewers, maybe we should steal a march and declare our own spring sewing war - you know, the one we all have every year, and never quite win - garments planned and not quite sewn.

Looking forward to seeeing what you come up with for March.  

And don't forget, you can sew anything you like - the theme is more about imagination and inspiration, but in my challenges I always leave it up to you to pursue your own sewing goals.

Sew, let's March on :)


  1. Thanks for accepting me in the MAGAM challenge. I will make my mind up about what garment soon. Most likely a jacket, since jackets are my new thing.

  2. Thanks for letting us in on the theme. I had been vacillating between projects for March and now I know exactly which one to choose. A floral I come!

  3. I am sooo ready for spring.. So... Definitely ready for March Spring Sewing..

  4. Like this idea. Our summer has been horribly hot, work has been a woeful (actually really bad) so springing away is a good idea.
    No idea how that will translate into sewing for me!

  5. Hi everyone - isn't it interesting how we all long for a bit of a change, and isn't sewing a great way to do this - as with Accordion, it will be interesting to see all the translations :)

  6. Sarah Liz you were reading my mind. I was just looking at some projects I started and put aside, others have been cut out but put to the that is what I am going to do. Some I just don't feel like finishing and just want to toss. March will be my time to finish...but then will start my spring sewing....YAY