Sunday, February 2, 2014


The pattern : Lutterloh #162.
I've already made it once, here, and I like it a lot.

The fabric : bought yesterday, as a reward, because I've got to sew two costumes for my children for Carnival at school. Both must be made of a cheat sateen which is going to be dreadfrul to sew. Sigh.
So, having in mind the February theme, I bought this white fabric. Is it called broderie anglaise or eyelet ? Or something else ? I like the interlacing on it.
Of course, it needs lining and I'm hesitating about the colour : I bought white cotton voile. Then, I remembered I've got got navy, yellow, orange ones in my stash.
Forget the white ! Now, which one will I choose ?
I made a skirt with a similar fabric and a light blue lining and you can see it there.

Happy sewing to everyone !


  1. Personally I suspect a white lining would be a bit too much white all together, but I don't know if that's just my preferences. :-/

    1. I agree ! And as I can't make up my mind between the other colours, I'm thinking about using several of them: such as navy for the bodice, yellow for the chest, something else for the sleeves... well, maybe it's too much Carnival eventually !

  2. Wow! Your last version of this dress looks great so I can imagine the eyelet fabric will lend an interesting detail to make a dress that will be beautiful.

  3. I'm with Annie in admiring the previous version of the dress. Such a pretty floral. I would choose only one color to underline the dress, but I am fairly conservative. Whatever color you choose will be fun.

  4. I agree your last version of the dress was very pretty and I love the new fabric. I've never worked with fabric that has the lining showing through so I'm looking forward to seeing the end result

  5. Looking forward to seeing this, your fabric is beautiful :)x

  6. Lovely dress! You could trial each colour by draping them on yourself and doing selfies in different light. No special reason, but orange really appeals to me.

  7. Gorgeous dress pattern and the fabric is so pretty, now what colour lining will you choose?

  8. Yes, the fabric is gorgeous. For that reason I would only choose one colour to line it - othewise you will not see this lovely fabric.