Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fast February plans

Most of my projects are time consuming garments that involve couture techniques and hand sewing. Love doing that! Sewing with knits is something I rarely do. I bought a second hand serger many moons ago and it just stood in a corner of my sewing room. Until last month. Sarah Liz challenged us to start the year by doing something new, learning new techniques. And boy, that serger challenged me! We are slowly becoming friends. February will be all about sewing with knits. I picked a pattern for the Garment of the Month Challenge: Knipmode 12/2013#03.

I bought some navy jersey for 1 euro/meter, so if my new BFF eats my fabric I'm not bankrupt. I also want to make a skirt and dress, maybe another top, all using knits. Fast February makes. Just thinking, there are hardly any knits in my stash. Fabric shopping fun ahead! 

O, and I mastered another long overdue challenge today: finally made a blog header !


  1. That looks like quite an interesting pattern. :-)

  2. That pattern looks very nice. Lovely blog header. Congratulations.

  3. This is a very pretty pattern and love your blog header!

  4. That's a pretty top - I'm just learning how to sew knits at the moment as well. Sergers do make them quick to make.