Friday, February 28, 2014

Change of plans

Last week I started a month long journey to find out whether I like my serger or I'll officially declare it a waste of space and sell it to the highest bidder. During a market sale I bought lots of (winter) knits for my experiments. My planned garment of the month was short sleeved, therefore I put it further down the queue and started with a long sleeved one and a skirt. This Deer and Doe shirt will now be my garment of the month February. Tonight I will wear it on a trip to Amsterdam, maybe I can get some pictures soon.

Deer and Doe Plantain

More construction details and progress during my ongoing Battle with the Serger can be found on my blog
Will be continued!


  1. Cute shirt and fabric choice. I just down loaded this pattern, can't wait to make it myself. Love your version.

  2. I'll be over to find out the full story - it took me years to come to terms with my serger's ways, and it still outwits me. The finished result looks lovely.

  3. Impressive outcome for a serger newbie. I have never gotten the hang of using mine for the first pass at the seams. The seam allowance is too wobbly. So I sew it first and go back for a second pass with the serger. I need to take inspiration from you and work at it until I have it mastered.