Monday, February 3, 2014

Accordion3 - February plans

January saw me sewing up a storm for others and two items for me. The second was a Grainline Scout woven tee. This was done as a wearable muslin and I like it a lot. I made minimal alterations to the existing pattern as I wanted to see what it looked like. All I did was lengthen the sleeves a bit.

A dawning realisation came over me as I taped the pattern together, and traced it. I really like drafting patterns. I also like polo shirts or rugby shirts a lot, the casual style, the collar, the comfort...

For February MAGAM, I'm re-drafting the Scout to include a shirtmaker collar, slight v-neck with facing and side slits. I taking the suggested white theme and calling it pastel blue. Specifically an icy pastel blue linen blend that comes from the stash. Re-using a pattern, using up the stash, not buying clothes and sewing for me - how many blog challenges is that?

Remember the December top? I gave it to a friend. She is happy and it fits her a lot better than me.

In-progress drafting post is on the blog.

Cheers all - Accordion3


  1. Well that was nice!

    I'm glad it worked out

  2. Closer and closer to perfect. :-)

  3. I love your idea.. Know it is going to be pretty.Look forward to seeing it.

  4. What a great idea to have a friend who managed to fit the top! She looks lovely in it.

    Looks like you are now on a sewing roll:)