Saturday, January 25, 2014

What a Great January so far - and February is to come...

Do you know that we have already had 31 garments completed for January - which is a great effort considering lots of us have all sorts of social things happening over December and January.  And the month isn't yet over...

Some of you are already thinking about your February plans.  I'm trying to set a loose theme for those of you that like themes.   I am using the meaning of the month as a way to set a theme. For instance, "Purity"could be interpreted as "pure colour", "pure form", pure technique (Stars Threads is doing pintucks - that could be a form of "pure self fabric decoration").  Pure can be what you want it.

February is also associated with ice melting and reforming - looking like pearl drops.  So that could also be a source of inspiration. 

Just fun things to think about while you go about your sewing :)

And some of you will have your own sewing agenda - which is absolutely fantastic.  Keep sewing...

Sarah Liz 


  1. I probably won't be sewing to the theme but good luck to all those who do! :-)

  2. I'm still trying to add to my 'basics', as my need is so great there. Could that be 'pure'? 'Pure Basics'?! Thank you so much Sarah Liz, for all you do!

  3. Great theme -- I've decided to try the Little White Dress contest so will be right on theme here too... :)

  4. I am with Lisa.. going to do pure basics.ha