Sunday, January 12, 2014

Virginia's January Postal Order Sewing Project

I'm so happy to be joining the Make a Garment a Month project! One of my aims for the new year is to try out a new pattern every month and I'd love to combine that with what you guys are doing here.

This month I'm doing something simple. I was planning to use it for the Pattern Review Little White Dress competition but realised that white dresses aren't really something I'll wear. Even my wedding dress won't be all white.

As for the pattern, that's what happens when you buy your patterns on ebay. I don't think anyone else has blogged about one of these before. :-D


  1. This is a pretty little dress - It will be interesting to see how this pattern turns out - looking forward to your review. I think the idea of using a different pattern every month is a great one:)

    1. The pattern isn't the best quality and the sizing needs work but it's not a hideous disaster so far. :-)

  2. An interesting dress. Looking forward to seeing it made