Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sunday Update.

Hi everyone:

Thanks for making the Make a Garment a Month Challenge so successful.  So many great ideas, plans and garments are happening - I'm sure you are finding it as inspirational as I am.

There are lots of old friends here and new ones joining all the time.  Some of you are new to blogging - just don't worry too much about HOW to blog, just do it.  Simple photographs, simple words - you will find that most people in the sewing community are very supportive of every little step you take.  It's just so lovely to have everyone, whatever skill level, beginning sewer or very experienced sewer - sewing and contributing to this blog.  We can all learn from each other.

If you are not sure how to use Blogger, I suggest that you google your specific enquiry - lets say you want to know how to upload a photo - google "how to upload a photo to blogger"and you will find lots of people who write blogs about blogging can tell you or show you how.  Everyone has a different learning style, so go through these until you find the ideas that suit you. 

Lyric asked me how to change labels - it's quite easy - go back to the post with the label you want to change. Click the edit button.  Then go to Post Settings, and the labels you have written will be there.  Wait a moment until Blogger will let you write in the area, and remove a label or alter one there.

I think most of the December garments are up in the gallery - if I have missed yours, let me know.  It's a bit hectic setting up a new community blog, so I might have missed someone.  Also, Blogger does weird things sometimes in gallery pages - if I put a picture in the wrong place, it won't let me remove it without taking all of them off.  So, I have left them where they are - and when I have time, I'll download them all, and put them all back. So it looks better :)

Have a great sewing week everyone - and whatever happens with your sewing, remember that tomorrow is always another sewing day :)

Sarah Liz