Saturday, January 4, 2014

My December Garment of the Month-M6844

I finally finished my December Garment of the Month, McCall's 6844 Knit Cardigan.  I have seen so many versions of this cardigan; each looks different depending on knit used as well as the view.

I made two versions of this jacket.  One from stash fabric in a black/white geometric print with black sleeves and neck band.  This was more of a test garment than the planned garment.  This is view A.

It truly helped in my making a better fitting cardigan out of the boucle knit I purchased from Fabric Mart in USA.
Here is the planned December Garment of the Month, View C which has a peplum.  The boucle knit was not as stretchy as the double knit used in the garment above.  I think it will prove to be a warm cardigan and here in my part of the states warmth is what I am looking for.

Still thinking about my January Garment of the Month.  I've gotten a lot of inspiration just seeing what everyone is planning to make.


  1. Linda, the peplum cardigan is beautiful! What a pretty fabric as well.

  2. Both are lovely. It is so nice to see another view of that cardi made up. Thank you.

  3. What a fantastic cardigan - I've been a bit in two minds, but it has just been made up - these are both lovely :)

  4. I love this!! Just started working on this pattern today. Hope mine looks as nice as yours!