Sunday, January 12, 2014

MID-JANUARY : work in progress

Hello ladies ! (No gentlemen here, right ?)

Before cutting the fabric to make my January dress, I decided to make the Camber top, which is basically the shorter version of the dress.
I'm quite pleased with it. It is a size 14 and I've decided to cut a size 12 for the dress, fearing the sack of potatoes effect it could have.
Next step : the dress !


  1. Really like this agree with Jolanda, very versatile top. Love the fabric as well!

  2. This is a lovely little top - and I agree , you would have a tent if you cut the dress this wide. This is a good way to test a pattern - you can always use little tops, and not too much damage done if it doesn't turn out.

  3. Looks lovely. Great fabric. A great allrounder.