Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January's Planned Garment...

Hi everyone,

For my first garment of 2014 I plan to make a skirt out of stretch cotton sateen.  I will be using New Look 6103 and will be making a modified version of the longer skirt.

Looking forward to seeing all your plans soon,

Sarah Liz

UPDATED 10/01/14.  This skirt is not going to work - for more details visit my blog - click here.


  1. I like the high waist type of skirts, and the fabric will provide a good splash of color.

  2. I agree, high waisted skirts stay up. And with all the black I wear, I need a colour splash I think :)

  3. Love the fabric Sarah Liz.. I immediately checked out the fabric web sight [on your blog]..I got to excited.. I forgot where you lived.. Too far away from me, ha.They really had some lovely fabrics.
    can't wait to see your skirt..

  4. That fabric is lovely and vibrant. Looking forward to seeing it in a skirt.