Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January's Garment - 70's Pants

Burdastyle 06-2012-#122
My first garment for 2014, and my first post for Make a Garment a Month! These are wide-legged, high-waisted pants that are a little 70's and a lot comfortable. They include in-seam pockets that are big enough to fit your whole hand, do-nut included.

The challenge this month is New Year, New Skill. I'm giving myself 1 point for figuring out how to move the zip from the front to the back. I've never moved a zip location during construction before! However, I'm deducting 2 points because I moved it to avoid having to do a fly-front. Cross my heart, I will do a fly-front in my next pair of pants!

More pictures on my blog.


  1. Great pants. Love the shape. I have avoided all zips so well done you.

  2. These are a great shape and fit. Zippers are challenging altogether so I think you should give yourself those 2 points back for doing a back zip rather than putting elastic in the waistband.

  3. Fly zips are not so bad. They take a bit of practice and are a time when a book on sewing techniques is useful to have around. I have the readers digest sewing reference & the singer books, all superb.
    Your pants look very impressive. If you can move a zip from front to back a fly will not be a problem.

  4. These pants really do have the 70's vibe - they look great. I agree, a fly front is quite easy - start with the false fly front. There are various ways to do it.

    1. False fly front! I'll have to google that one! I will do a fly on my next pair - thanks for the tips ladies.

  5. Great looking pants and love those wide legs. As others have said fly fronts aren't hard my biggest problem is that I usually do them the wrong way around, like jeans, but then that depends on how you want to use your fly.

  6. Your pants look very nice and the fit looks right on. I'm still working on fly fronts myself. We can only get better with practice right. :)