Friday, January 3, 2014

January Garment

So, this month I intend to make a jacket (or 3). Blog post here.

I am unsure which direction the wind will blow me so I decided to make the M6844 cardigan in this creamy brown ponte with slight flecks in it for my January garment. The fabric is luscious. I wish I had more of it!

Anyway, this feels a little like a "cheat" as this is my 4th time making this cardi but still! :)

It'll probably be done this weekend.


  1. Nothing like a TNT pattern - not cheating at all. Nothing to say you have to make new and complicated patterns. Good luck with it.

  2. It's not a cheat - it's a bonus! When we think of all the things we make that are not quite right, we need to get as much out of the patterns that we love as we can. Your fabric sounds lovely.

  3. I agree, if it works, use it lots - it will look so different in a different fabric in any case.

  4. I just started working on this today LOL! Can't wait to see the finished results...I'm sure it will be as nice as all of your other garments!