Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January change of plans

Hi :)

Ive decided to change my garment for January. The skirt fabric and I decided that we weren't friends after I found problem spots with the fabric and I couldn't find a way to cut the pattern without getting the yuck spots smack bang in the middle of my skirt.

But, never mind. Onward to my next first piece of clothing…kind of makes sense? :)

I'm going to make Imagine Gnats Bess Top.

The fabric is a nice light weight cotton lawn - fingers crossed!!

More info on my blog HERE

Erin :)


  1. I've noticed when fabric goes on the clearance table it pays to inspect it very carefully, hope your blouse comes out the way you want it to, it's a beautiful print

  2. Hi, yes, a change of plan in these circumstances is a very good idea :). It's nice that you shared this as well -these frustrations happen.

  3. Sorry the other fabric didn't work out but well done to work it out now and not later.

  4. Sorry about your fabric. But, I love your new plans.Happy sewing.