Saturday, January 4, 2014

December garment completed and plans for January

I finally completed my Christmas Day top on New Years Day. I used the Simplicity pattern 1667, from which I have made two pairs of pants. Echoing my pants experience, I am underwhelmed by the top. I suspect I have made a wadder. The neckline is just a bit low for me and too wide across the back neck. I measured very carefully and still made it too large. The sleeves are so so, I am not keen on the back bodice and yoke style, and it just seems to swim on me. Botheration! At this moment I do not think it can be saved.

Just boring and too big. More on my blog.

January plans = more pants, searching for a decent capri pant pattern. Any suggestions? 


  1. Shame you are not happy with your top. It is a lovely colour. You need to be happy when wearing it.

  2. It is a pity, especially as it is a gorgeous colour. I have yet to find a nice capri pants pattern - everyone says Style Arc is good, but I haven't tried them yet.