Friday, January 31, 2014

My February Garment

I have decided to enter the Little White Dress Contest (Pattern Review).  I am going to make New Look 6095.  The fabric is a crinkly cheesecloth and the lining will be white voile.  This will be my February garment - and also, fits the February theme of purity.  More details on my blog.

Makeda Haberdasheress - Wilma Flinstone Costume Dress - January Burda Garment of the Month Completed! Burda 1/2012-152

Garment of the month done? Yup. January Burda Garment completed? Yup.

What? January 31 is still January, correct?

Glad to have SOMETHING done
More details and photos after the jump and on my blog, Haberdasheress.

February Plans

My Valentine's outfit will be Berry Ponte knit for B5949 view A and B5719 jacket
Dorothy at
Well, I didn't manage to finish the skirt I was re-making. I made skirts for one daughter and a dress for the other so didn't have much time to sew for myself, though I had sewing overload. However, I'm going to a dressmaking class and in January I made a camisole sleepwear top to go with the pyjama trousers we made in December. In February I'll be making the pyjama jacket. I therefore submit the camisole as my garment for January. I used McCall's M4979 and have submitted a review tonight on Pattern I don't know how to link to this review, I'm afraid. I'm annem54 on PR.

January project finished

My Vogue 8379 wrap dress is finished. No photographic evidence yet, cause a wrap dress does not look like much on a hanger. I hope to get some pictures over the weekend.
The new skills part of the January challenge made me work with my new (to me) Bernina serger. I had never worked with a serger before so it was an interesting journey. I'm not the worlds fastest threader (yet) but I really like it so far. More in a few days on my blog

January garment finished!

I finished my cream silk crepe de chine top using Vogue 8572 (OOP) as planned for January and also made a brown wool skirt to go with it, using my TNT self drafted skirt pattern.

A few more detail for the top are over at Petite & Sewing!

January 31st - just made it.

December and January have left me with a pile of UFOs. I just couldn't seem to finish a thing. Today, I pulled out all the stops. I hemmed the dress and the lining, finished the zipper, put on a hat and wore it shopping. Here is the pattern for Simplicity 8829 (1970):

And here is what I did with (to?) it:

There's a little more detail on my blog but I'm just glad I finished something. Phew!

January Finish!

Hi All,

Well,  I finished by Bess top and I LOVE IT! So much so that I ended up making another one in a striped Rayon.

More details on MY BLOG.

Erin :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Januarys Garment

This is Kwik Sew 3765 made up in stretch cotton sateen. A quick, simple skirt to make.  More details on my blog - click here.

February's MAGAM Garmen- See and Sew 6914

See & Sew 6914
 I am making the aqua blue pants and the floral blouse.
Check out my blog, to see my goal of working on some
basic garments.

I am making a muslin of this skirt pattern.. Hope it will be a
wearable muslin??  Sarah Liz made this
little skirt  , it was really cute..  I noticed I had
the pattern. so thought I would give it a try..

Happy February  Sewing Plans.

A Cozy Garment for January

I finished my first garment of the month smack on time! It's a sweater knit topper in a colour I rarely wear.  

The pattern is Vogue 8605 and you can see more details on my blog, SewPassionista by DIANA.. Please visit me there!