Saturday, December 21, 2013

october garment and december

Hi Everyone - this is Jacqueline's post, and she has written in French, her native language.  I have put a translate button on this blog, but it must assume we will write in English.  So I will just quickly tell you what Jacqueline has done - and Jacqueline does speak English, so please feel free to comment, here and on J's blog :)

Jacqueline made a beautiful wool cape in October, and for her December garment of the month, she made a comfortable house robe (or dressing gown) .

Après la cape du mois d'octobre,je suis entrain de me battre avec un autre tissu épais pour une comfortable robe de chambre.Mais Noël arrive et le temps presse.

Depuis la prise de la photo,les manches sont montées,le col aussi...à suivre!

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  1. Hello Jacqueline and Welcome:)

    It's nice to see the cape again, and the house robe turned out beautifully - I'm sure you will enjoy wearing that:)