Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 2013 Project Completed

Blog post HERE

I don't love it, but that's okay :)

I do love the inverted pleat in the front - a lot! :) Maybe another try another time?? We'll see!


  1. I made some pants that have turned out OK/meh too. I described them as really very ordinary.

    And yet, they get worn weekly and work with many tops. They are still very ordinary, are a useful ordinary.

  2. I agree Mrs Smith - it's a really beautiful skirt, but not quite your style - which is a pity. I love it though and I think I'll make it one day :)

  3. Mrs. Smith (my maiden name):

    Honey, the skirt is tres cute. AND, I love the touch you put with it . . . the boots.

    Work it, girl. Now, I'm off to your blog to get the dealio.



  4. I think you skirt turned out very well, maybe a style/shape you are not used to but I like the way you have style it here.