Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone

Hello everyone

The start of another year - and the time for new sewing beginnings and sewing resolutions.

Joining a sew-a-long is a good way to cement your sewing resolutions.  Some of you are experienced sewers, some of you are new to sewing - it really doesn't matter where you sit on the sewing spectrum - the main objective here is to encourage you all to sew - which is why the goal of a garment a month.  Even in busy lives, a few minutes a day will produce a gorgeous new garment by the end of the month.

If you are time stressed, choose something simple so that you at least get a sense of achievement for yourself at the end of the month.  

Or if you bite off a little more than you can chew, or something untoward happens, or you get sick, just tell us at the end of the month, and finish the garment the following  month.  

Some challenges that run from month to month have a monthly theme - usually in a concrete form, like "Party Frock", "Garment from Natural Fibres", "Something Red", and so on.  In this challenge, you are responsible for setting your own garment goals to suit your own needs, but I thought it would be fun to set up a theme every month.  So, our theme for January is to think about how a new sewing beginning this year.  Do blog about it here, so we can all have a bit of fun with this idea.  You can also take this theme and extend on it on your own personal blog in any way you like.

Just a reminder to those of you who have haven't looked or to those of you who are new to this blog - the rules of the challenge can be found here.

Have a great New Sewing Year everyone, and best wishes to you all...

Sarah Liz

December Garment: Made It!

Whew, just making it in with my December dress, Kwik Sew 4013. Good thing I'm in North America or I'd be just too late :)

In any case, here's my colour blocked winter dress, lots of black going on but I hope some more festive floral as well. No trouble making this one except for the usual kerfuffle about size. Must get that straightened out in future... This is complete except for the bottom hem, which will be done later tonight. More info on the whole process can be found on my blog, Magpie Makery.

Here's the front view,
with added pockets
And from the back, where the need
for hemming is more obvious!

My December Garment- New Look 6145

For my December garment I decided to make New Look 6145 which as I said before I had been putting off simply because I was intimidated by the zipper. Well when I posted this I was told that since I was used a knit fabric that I could omit the zipper, OH WHAT A RELIEF even though it still took me another couple of weeks to get started I finally completed the dress and it turned out very nice! I really don't care for the collar because it so wide but I will be wearing my dress to church Sunday lol! The dress on my dress form does it absolutely know justice at all so I'll post more pics when I wear it. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

My January Project - McCalls 6803

Below will be my project for January.  The picture on the pattern doesn't look too exciting, matter of fact, it looks quite boring, but I believe w/ the right fabric the cardigan will look great and be a wonderful staple to my wardrobe.

In a week or two, we will see how it turns out!  Oh the suspense, it's killing me LOL

I hope to have enough fabric to make a matching sleeveless top - a twinset so to speak.

Happy, healthy new year to one and all!

Monday, December 30, 2013

StyleArc Barb Pants

Well - got my December item in just in the nick of time. I haven't posted about it on my blog yet as I want an on body picture and don't have the time (or the photographer) to take one today.

So I am posting this picture as "evidence" that I finished them - and even hemmed. It seems to fit well but the evidence will be in the on body photo.

The fabric is stone coloured Bengaline from StyleArc. A nice quality Bengaline - which is just as well as I have purchased it in Navy, Mint, Apple, Red and Paprika and Chloe from SA tells me more colours are coming soon - sigh - more fabric purchases I am sure.

Happy New Year.

In by a hair and a whisker ...

I fell in love with Butterick 5917 - along with a lot of other sewers in the blogosphere.  It's a long time since I have made a smart dress - and then I remembered how easy they are to sew.

More pictures and details on my blog: http://sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com

Finished December lace skirt

Happy dance! I finished my Garment of the Month in the right month!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Garments of the month completed

The final stitches have been completed and I now have a gorgeous tweed suit that needs to find a very serious outing to go to!

There is a lot of information on my blog for the Chanel Inspired jacket and the skirt is my Self Drafted Skirt.

I would like to wish you all wonderful New Year and a sewfantastic 2014.

January 2014 MAGAM challenge

To begin the new year, my first MAGAM for January 2014, I have chosen to make a pair of pants!
I will be using Simplicity Pattern 1696, Amazing Fit Collection, and navy cotton twill fabric.

Happy New Year!

Classic Tailored Skirt for December!

December GAM just under the wire! The Classic Tailored Skirt from the book entitled "Dressmaking" by Alison Smith.

The skirt was actually finished late late last night (or early this morning...depending on how one looks at it)! It was an easy sew; just matching up the plaid took some time when cutting out and I had to rip out one of the side seams a couple of times.

The fabric is from my stash. SSSShhhh....don't tell anyone but this is actually made with upholstery fabric and is my wearable muslin for the pattern! I can't decide, does it look like it??? It is a pretty heavy wool on the outside and is self lined so I didn't have to line it!! Yipee!!

Really happy with the way the skirt turned out! Everything all matched up. :) Found the blouse at the local resale shop for $4. It pains me so to buy ready to wear but this is not a color I have in my closet. Ugh.

Great pics, very easy to follow. BUT, did not do a good job of explaining the finished kick pleat!
So I had to turn to my old standby...old issues of Threads magazine to see the proper way to get them done.
Love, Love, Love everything about Threads!
Kick pleat is not quite right but since this is a wearable muslin I am not going to worry about it.
Invisible zipper! 
Contrast waistband made with some scrap Kona cotton.
Yes, another photo bomb by Citrus!

Whew...feel like the last few days have been a whirlwind. I will be posting a list of some great 2014 sew-a-longs that I have found tonight or tomorrow. Also, will be putting up a tutorial on making the Boston Common table runner in the next couple of days!

Happy Sewing Everyone!


Hello everyone !

I'm Karine and I'm pleased to be part of this sewing adventure ! Thanks to it,  I've already discovered  great  blogs !
I've not yet decided  what I shall make in January. In the meantime, you can, if you wish, see what I've made before on my Flickr page.

See you next year !


Saturday, December 28, 2013


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I'll be putting the follow button up shortly...

January, 2014 MAGAM Challenge!

To get started as well as feed my vintage sweet tooth I will be making  McCall's 3839 - a vintage shirtwaist dress.  I am delighted to have found this pattern on Etsy thanks to my new friend "Sugar" from a quilting forum.  I am much happier with this shirtwaist pattern than the one I originally chose and am excited at the possibilities.


This dress will be a day dress to wear doing chores on our budding small family farm so it's not about being cute but functional, you feel me?  Drop by mid-month and see how it's going and I'll be sure to visit your site too.



How to add a Button/Badge to your Blog.

Hi everyone - a few of you who are taking part in the Make a Garment a Month Challenge are not quite sure how to install the button/badge on your blog.

The button looks like this  only smaller and is on the top right hand corner of the blog sidebar.

  Below the Image, you will see a box with code written inside it.

Copy and Paste this into your widget layout.  Scroll all the way down the box to get all of the code.  The code then magically adds the button to your blog.  Then anyone who visits your blog can see what you are up to, and if they are also interested in this challenge they can click on it. That will connect them to this  site where they can find out more and join in the fun.

 First and foremost, this is a challenge to encourage you to sew with other like minded people.  It is a challenge, really, for yourself.   Many sewers love to connect with others, and these sorts of sew-a- longs, that are self directed and self paced are a great way of doing that.

Back to adding a button.

If you use Blogger, go to the main dashboard.  On the left hand side you will find the menu.  Look for Layout.  Click on Layout.  That will take you to the layout page.  Click on add widget.  Then another page will come up.  This page has a number of options listed.  Scroll down until you find add HTML.  Click on this.  A box will open.  There is a title box.  Put something like "Sew-A-Long" in the title box.   Now remember that code you have copied?  There is a larger box underneath - past the code into that box.  Then press Save.  Click view blog - scroll through your widget area and you should find the button.  Check the button is where you want it, if not, re-arrange your widget layout.  Press save arrangement.

If this does not work, have another go - make sure you have all the code. 

If you use Wordpress, you will need to go to your widget area.  Again, once you are in the main dashboard, you will find this in the list on the left hand side.   Go to appearance - the drop down menu will appear - choose Widgets.  Once in the widget area, you will see lots of widgets.  Choose the one that says Text - arbitrary text or HTML.  Drag that into the widget area.  A box should appear and you paste the code into that box.  Add a title if you like in the title area. 

The best thing to do is just to play with these things until you get the hang of it.  It took me ages to work out how to do some of these things, now they are second nature.

Sarah Liz  :)

January's project

PMB Knit Cardigan and tank top

This is my January project. I drafted the pattern using PMB Knit program. It is a basic cardigan and a shell top. I've used these patterns before. This time I made some changes to see if I like the fit better. I had originally drafted the pattern with a v-neck but changed it to a scoop neck so it would work better with the cardigan. If this turns out well, I can use the pattern as a sloper and just draft different front pattern pieces. The program uses a dartless block but I need darts in knit tops. My dart is really small so I will just ease it into the side seams.

The only change that I made to the pattern was to narrow the shoulders of the cardigan. I have a full bust but very narrow shoulders. The knit program will not draft a shoulder seam that fits me so I have to manually change the pattern. You can change the shoulder length but I can't figure how to do it when the garment has sleeves. I may to tweak it a little but more during the construction. I cut the pattern out with 1inch side seams. I've been making myself baste the side seams to check fit first. Sometimes I forget and I'm not thrilled with the final garment.

Fabricmart Sweater Knit

Friday, December 27, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December vanished, along with my top.

My first post on the new blog - hoping this works! Many thanks to SarahLiz for organising this.

My December was looking good around the 12th, then suddenly it was the 24th and my Christmas Day top was a non-event.  SOD! Now it is the 27th and I'm still too tired to sew.

I managed to get other sewing done, for other people. But that doesn't count for MAGAM.

More details here.

Cheers all - Accordion3

January's Project

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 

With January right around the corner...I wanted to start with McCalls 6844 and a fabric from my
stash that I picked up on clearance sale.  I have been seeing this pattern on several blogs, and love
what I have seen.  So, looking forward to seeing how this sews up.  This will be the first time I will
be sewing the petite sizing, so we shall see.  I have already have the pattern cut out, and will begin sewing probably Saturday.

I decided I wanted to make view C  with my bargin material.   I think its going to be a good

Looking forward to see what everyone will be making...and the inspiration!

Leonie's December Garment! An Unexpected Success

I finished this one on time!!
It's the Leo Bohemian blouse from Ottobre 5/2013
I like it so much I wore in on Christmas Day!!

There are more photos and details on my blog.

I'm still enjoying this challenge, particularly the variety of projects everyone is working on. I did make a tee shirt for November, and a few more variations this month which I am yet to blog - need photos!

Happy New Year all - see you next month!

January Garment - fleece vest

I've decided to join this sew along & this is the plan for my 1st project for January.

I'm going to use animal print fleece to make a vest. This is just a small remnant left over from another project.  If there's not enough fabric, I'll use black for the back of the vest.  And line it with a "silky" type fabric.   I'll be using McCall's 2260 vest pattern as the base and taking the collar from McCall's 5335 jacket.

December 2013 Project Completed

Blog post HERE

I don't love it, but that's okay :)

I do love the inverted pleat in the front - a lot! :) Maybe another try another time?? We'll see!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December's Creative Juices

Hello sewists:

One place I read Lady Sarah Liz "collects" our items but after accepting the invitation I see "posts" where people are sharing their December creations.  Okay, I'm just going to share here and if this is not the proper place perhaps it'll just be deleted or something.

Anywho, I started out with making a Lois Hines skirt pattern from my stash.  Don't know WHY I waited so long to make this skirt.  The Brussels Skirt, pattern #1105 by Textile Studio.

 I’ve chosen a black fabric from my stash.  The fabric was one of the finds from the Quilting and Sewing Supplies blessing that I wrote about recently.  The fabric was not labeled but it is woven and feels like a double-knit.  Normally I would not buy double-knit; however, since this one is black and not overly thick it doesn’t have the cheesy appearance of many of the knits I have seen.  Plus, I am making it for daily use in the ministry and it will need to take a licking and keep on ticking.  This will do the job.  This Brussels skirt will be a mainstay of my skirt wardrobe.

This is me trying to pose like the model on the pattern envelope, LOL.  Additional details here:  http://www.sewandcro.com/embellished-button-skirt/

As if that wasn't enough I decided to tackle a longyi.  Love them; oh so comfy.

Details here:  http://www.sewandcro.com/making-a-longyi/



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

January Garment(s) of the Month Plan (Back to Basics!)

Well, I killed my December Garment of the Month:
Going Back to Basics for Next Year:


My December offering ...

... Judith here, and my dress has been finished, just in time for Christmas Day! For this month I chose the popular Vogue 8766 dress, and whipped up View D, the sleeveless version with the straight skirt ...
The pattern did require lining, but I chose to just interline it instead, treating both fabrics as one. Then I used bias binding to edge finish the neck and arms ...  
Lovely dress, simple to pull together, but nothing fancy. Just a quick and easy to sew summer day dress. A few creative sewers have used this pattern to make more of an evening, dressier dress, and cleverly have used the simple lines of the dress to enhance their fabric choices ~ very astute sewers indeed! Anyway, more info on this dress at my blog made by J ... 

And next on the list for me in this challenge is, fingers crossed, is to make myself a version of the infamous Vogue 8904 ~ the Shingle Dress! I had soooo many positive comments from the one I made my daughter that I think my turn has come. The plan is to have this one knocked out of the sewing room by the end of December ... or not ... I have the fabric and am ready to cut ...  

Hope you are all having a bit of a break at this time of the year, be it a break from sewing, creating, crafting and hopefully a well deserved break from work. Rest up, spend time with your family and enjoy yourselves totally. 
Merry Christmas from Down Under ... J

Saturday, December 21, 2013

october garment and december

Hi Everyone - this is Jacqueline's post, and she has written in French, her native language.  I have put a translate button on this blog, but it must assume we will write in English.  So I will just quickly tell you what Jacqueline has done - and Jacqueline does speak English, so please feel free to comment, here and on J's blog :)

Jacqueline made a beautiful wool cape in October, and for her December garment of the month, she made a comfortable house robe (or dressing gown) .

Après la cape du mois d'octobre,je suis entrain de me battre avec un autre tissu épais pour une comfortable robe de chambre.Mais Noël arrive et le temps presse.

Depuis la prise de la photo,les manches sont montées,le col aussi...à suivre!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Decembers Garment

I took a Craftys Class with the Tilton's making a T- Shirt (V8793)
I started out going by my bust measurement, but had to cut it down two size for it to fit.

  I liked how easy it was to sew together and how fast it went. The collar is my favorite part of this top, it has two parts to it. I think it turn out great and I will be making a few more. It is comfortable wear.

                                                   Back view of me not standing up right.
I would love any suggestion on helping me fine tune the fit. Of just tell what you think.
Check out my blog. sherryleemcewin.blogspot.com/