Thursday, December 18, 2014

Moving to Facebook - your help needed :)

Hello everyone,

In order to set up a group for us, I will need to "friend" some of you that are already on Facebook.  Perhaps the best way to do this is to "friend" me, and then I will be able to find you on Facebook and "friend" you.

To create a group, you have to add members at the beginning.  I only need a handful, and then I can invite the rest of you by email.

My facebook page is

For those of you new to facebook my page will show you that you do not have to be an avid facebooker - I set my page  up so I could join two groups - RTW fast and the the 2014 Stashbusters group, run by Emily from

I intended  to use it for my own personal daily sewing diary, but like all good intentions that never happened.  Maybe next year (or the year after!). 

Anyway, enough about me - could you please friend me, once again,

Thanks, looking forward to seeing you on the other side of Facebook in 2015.

Sarah Liz

M. Inez - December Garment Complete

I think I missed November. Life...However I did manage to sew up this dress to wear for our Christmas card pics. I also wore it to church this past Sunday at Hubby's request. He really liked it.

Details + pattern review @ Inez's Craft Room

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Two-Toned Swirl Dress - December MAGAM = DONE!

Hello lovely sewing divas:

It seems I have read photos taken when it is overcase are best.  Okaaaay!  I'll keep working at it.  This was taken in the morning and outside.  As I will be wearing this dress next month I hope to get way better photographs of it and full length.

The bodice fabric is a soft off white, almost the color of vanilla soft serve.  The bottom and the fiping (what I call fake piping) has tones of green and off white.

Of course I blogged all about it.

Everyone have a safe, happy end of 2014.

2015 . . .  woooo weeee, here we come!!!!  Looks like we'll be a meetin' on Facebook.



Monday, December 15, 2014

December Project off to a good start!

I've decided to make Simplicity 1465 - View E (with modifications) as my December project.

So far, I'm off to a good start - view my muslin on the blog!

Happy Sewing everyone!

Star's Threads

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Changes for the New Year, Your Comments and My Thoughts.

  photo Buttonlargeprint_zps7c5c306c.jpeg

Hi everyone,

Firstly, thank you all for leaving such thoughtful comments about the MAGAM blog.  It seems that we have a core community of sewers that love to meet up and visit each others blogs to see what we have made.

That is the best part of the blog community and that is what I want to maintain.   Quite a number of you made the comment that other people could help, and I agree, especially with monthly themes.  Monthly themes would be fun if everyone suggested themes - we could slowly work on them over time.  I can think of lots of ideas on how to work this.

As for editors, yes, another editor could operate this blog, or someone else could take it over. While I initially had the idea, I don't consider it particularly "my property"- we have all contributed.

Some of you have commented that you are not Facebookers.  I wasn't either, until this year.  I joined for two reasons - 1. A University Forum that I had to participate in.  And 2.  I was also in Sarah's RTW fast (Goodbye Valentino) - as Accordion 3 pointed out, this worked well.

I was never going to go on Facebook - privacy, thought it was banal and time consuming and so on.  I always operate via a nom-de-plume on social media as I like to keep this life private and not mingled with professional and personal life concerns.  This is easy to do for those of you that are worried that your employer may find out you Facebook sewing adventures :).  And I do not muddle up my Professional page with my Sewing Page on Facebook.

Some of you are not keen on Facebook, one will part ways, and the rest are comfortable with Facebook.  It really did work well for the RTW fast.  It also worked well for the Stashbusters group this year.

It would be a closed group, so it would only be our community plus anyone else that would like to join.  We can still have the monthly themes, and post pictures there, and link to our blogs.

The big advantage is that if we want to have a chat about themes or our work, it is easy to run a thread on Facebook.

As far as my thoughts are concerned, next year I will have commitments to study, work, and things in my personal life that need attention.     And my own blog to maintain.  Some of you have the same problems - it's called Life, I think :) Facebook is an very workable way to keep this going, and apart from the initial set up that I will have to do (and learn as well!)  runs well.

So, in a nutshell, this blog can be handed over to someone else next year, or we can move to Facebook. 

Mind you, I'll have to learn to set up a page (easy to do) and then work out how to get you on it - I think it is just a matter of emailing you - that's how these things seem to work!).

Over to you,

Sarah Liz

Decision Made

I finally decided on my December Garment of the Month.  I will make V9024 using fabric purchased this year from Mood Fabrics and Gorgeous Fabrics.

The black/white wool tweed will be coupled with the lace look double knit fabric. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Finished November Garment : BurdaStyle Jacket 09/2014

Hello everyone,
I am late for posting my November garment. I was busy and then I went out for mini vacation with my family. So, only today I manage to posting this jacket.
Pattern   : BurdaStyle jacket 09/2014 size 36 with alterations
Material : 2 yards of black linen and 2 yards of gingham check fabric (poly-cotton blend) for the lining.
More details and pictures blogged here,

Happy sewing!