Friday, October 31, 2014

September MGAM Done!

Well I finally finished my September garment, but I have a good reason for being late. In September I cut off the corner of my thumb using a mandolin slicer. I desperately tried to save it and have it not get infected so I would have some sort of a chance. Good news is we have growth and I am able to sew again. I am so excited. Now I finished the dress I had planned on finishing in September.

I used McCall's 6700. I cut a size under. And it fit great! And as an added bonus, while still trying to get my fine motor skills back with my hand this dress is a savior. More information on my blog here.


2 tops for October

 Top number 1

This is a precious fabric for me, since it used to be my Grandmother's curtains. A long time ago (at least 50 years), when curtains were made of natural fabrics. A truly vintage fabric indeed ! I only could save a small part due to faded colours and humidity stains.
To say the truth, I also have the coordinated bedcover, in far better condition, but I'm saving it for my daughter !
I just had enough fabric for this little top and to make bias instead of facings.

Top number 2

I used a leftover from a dress I made a few months ago. The reason why I chose this one is because the pattern has side panels and you can't see it on the 1st top since it's lost in the print.
There are subtle stripes on this one. The front and back panels are cut with vertical stripes, and the side panels with horizontal ones. But it is far from obvious as you can (not) see !
The bias should have been sewn on the wrong side, but I made a mistake and kept it this way eventually !


-The interest of the pattern (Lutterloh from the 60s) is in the side panels and they are not seen. Maybe using 2 different colours/fabrics would give an interesting result.
-I wanted to make a white top this month and got distracted from my aim !
- Apart from that, I'm pretty pleased !

Happy sewing to everyone !


Thursday, October 30, 2014

November's Theme

Our Make a Garment a Month Year is nearly over for this year.  Amazingly - and some great work has been done by all of us.

This month it will be getting cool in the northern hemisphere and warmer in the evenings here.   It's time to make something to suit the long nights in your part of the world, and the nice sunny evenings in our part of the world.

So, make something for your type of November nights - whether nice warm leggings, a fleecy something or other , or something cool and summery down under or if you are in a warmer climate.

Over to you to make whatever takes your fancy.

Just a sneak preview of the December theme - it will be "Little Christmas Dress".  Something to wear on Xmas day.  I thought you might like to start planning this soon as well :)

Have a happy sewing month,

Sarah Liz

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October plan and done!

This project was so much fun that I didn't even have time to post a plan before I was finished!  It's my Halloween apron that I'll wear for passing out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween.

I had wanted to make this last year, but only got as far as buying fabrics.  This year I made it!

For more details and photos, please visit my blog at

October Sew and Shine finished

Hello fellow October Sewers!

My interpretation of the October "Sew and Shine" was to use the vibrant colours of Autumn (or Fall if you are the other side of the pond!)

My Pattern is McCalls 6988 of which I made View A

You can read all about it and see more photos on My Blog HERE where you will also find the link to My Sewing Pattern Review

Happy sewing Sewers!

Dawn :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October plan

Hello everyone !

I need a white top so I chose this Lutterloh pattern from the 60s. I've already made the muslin and changed a few things. I won't add the buttons on the side.
Looking for white fabric in my stash, I met these flowers begging for being used and I couldn't say no. But as I still need the white top,  I'll make 2 of them this month.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Fire Opal for October

I've been really bad at keeping up with you all over the last couple of August and September makes are still sitting on the sewing table in pieces. But my October make has leapt past them and I have finished it! Taking Sarah Liz's "Opal" theme as inspiration, I made myself a fiery red fall dress, Vogue 9022.

All the construction deets and so on can be found over at my blog post if you are interested! (and it's nice to be back!)